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Meet Gary Rohmann

“I believe there is great truth in what Mike McKnight said, ‘People do not care how much you know till they know how much you care.’ You don’t know me yet, but I can promise you that I’m no stranger to the problems that life can challenge us with, and I may have some services that will arm you with great solutions and long term benefits.

Both my educational and professional experience bear witness to the fact that my commitment to excellence is trumped only by my sense of dedication and loyalty. While still a young man, I found a way to get my much desired college education, as well as an MBA, even when the lack of family resources would have dictated otherwise.

I spent the next thirty years building an impressive resume in the area of Educational Finance Services with groups like American Express, Banc One, USA Funds, and CIT Group, Inc. 

After years of holding executive titles with national companies from Atlanta to San Diego, I chose to return to the state where I was born and launch my own enterprise to help others create more success and joy in their lives.

I have become a Jeffrey Gitomer Certified Advisor. Jeffrey is the world's foremost leader in the skill and expansion of sales and management. One of his many books, The Little Red Book of Selling, has sold more copies than any other sales book. I have access and can teach virtually all of Jeffrey Gitomer's library of products and was trained by Jeffrey Gitomer personally to be a Certified Advisor to facilitate his valuable tools and information..

In addition, I am a Certified Member of the John C. Maxwell Team. I have access and can teach many of John C. Maxwell's books and topics. John C. Maxwell has published over 60 books and is often called the Leadership and Management skills expert of the world. I was trained personally by John C. Maxwell to facilitate his expert information, which is particularly good for teams.

Adding more to round out my expert skills training, I have become a Certified Advisor for How To Fascinate Program, by Sally Hogshead. This program takes coaching to a new level. Sally's New York Times best-selling book, How the World Sees You, explains much of the Fascination Advantage System. I was trained by Sally Hogshead personally to facilitate her tools and information.

And last, but not least, I offer my own Ultimate Life Services coaching.

Give me a call today, and let's discuss how these services may be of benefit to you or your organization.

"Illuminating your path - 

the gift I most want to give you."