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Jeffrey Gitomer - Certified Advisor

Why I Became A Gitomer Certified Advisor : Business and Life Coach -- Leadership and Sales Expert. I help people I serve to - LIVE with more passion ... WORK with greater focus ... and LEAD with extraordinary influence. Everything I know about sales was learned from reading ALL the books written by one true sales genius -- Jeffrey Gitomer. I discovered Jeffrey when a friend suggested I read The Little Red Book of Selling. Reading that book changed everything about how I viewed sales -- the way I think about sales, customers, and being a person of sales. As a result of putting Jeffrey’s ideas into practice I always exceeded my sales goals and more importantly became a better person – a man of value who always values others.

The Little Red Book of Selling : 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

Great job Gary! we are working on a new plan this morning.
- Shaun R.

It was an excellent class! I will cherish the book and make major changes in my business because of the seminar.
- Will T.

Enjoyed the presentation and the new information and ideas. Thank you Gary.
- David M.

Great job Gary! You are a major motivator to our group!
- Barry D.